More About Me

Realtor, Washington County Maine Cheerleader, Lakeside Cottages & Barn Venue Owner & World Traveler

Georgiana (Georgie) Kendall is an award-winning Realtor® in a class of her own with deep local roots, and an infectious spirit and an abiding respect for the land in Downeast Maine.

     This fifth-generation Washington County resident grew up catching frogs on the shore of Boyden Lake and collecting periwinkles under the seaweed of Passamaquoddy Bay. Her father, a retired forester, taught Georgie about the Maine woods while her mother, an artist and well-known bon vivant, gave Georgie an appreciation for aesthetics and a bubbly spirit. She’s a people person whose love of Maine’s Bold Coast is catching and authentic.

     In addition to being named one of Realty of Maine’s top agents in 2021, she is the 5th-generation steward on her family’s 45-acre farmstead in Perry, offering lakeside cottage rentals and a 100-year-old barn for events and weddings. There on the farm, she tills the same soil as her great, great, great, great grandparents did, growing 350 head of Georgian Crystal garlic each year in addition to myriad of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, with her very cool cat, Seamus, keeping the mice at bay.

   When she’s not tending to her clients or farmstead, Georgie zips around the county in her little red roadster keeping abreast of everything from art openings and local fairs to the farmers’ markets. She can tell you where and when to harvest fiddlehead ferns or chanterelle mushrooms, who’s serving up the best lobster rolls, and how to get a bushel of just-harvested clams delivered to your door. She is happy to share her Washington County best kept secrets and her favorite hikes along the Bold Coast, Campobello Island, Canada, and the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge.

    Georgie left the area briefly for education and exploration. First, to earn a B.A. in Psychology from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada and a M.S. in Education from the University of Southern Maine in Portland. Then she based herself in England for three years to travel the world and to travel to South Africa where Georgie worked for the U.S. Peace Corps as a school and community resource volunteer.

     Her wanderlust has brought her to more than 55 countries to explore cultures, customs, and cuisine. For six years she owned and operated The Red Sleigh, a local arts and edibles gift shop voted Best Gift Store in Maine by DownEast magazine. While Georgie loves traveling, her favorite place in the whole world is watching the sunset across her childhood love, Boyden Lake.

     Georgie Kendall’s ties to Downeast Maine are deep and authentic and her knowledge of the area is encyclopedic. During her six years as a full-time Realtor®, she has sold everything from 1000-acre waterfront land parcels to humble summer cottages.

     Success. Knowledge. A true sense of place. THIS is what makes Georgie Kendall the right Realtor® for those seeking properties on Maine’s northeastern gorgeous Bold Coast.